Rental bonds


The Rental Bonds Portal

As part of the ACT Revenue Office’s ongoing commitment to provide faster, more efficient digital services, the ACT Revenue Office has developed a new Rental Bonds Portal.

The Portal offers a number of improvements and additional functionality, including the ability to lodge, manage and request refunds for bonds online. The new 360 view provides a detailed summary of bonds lodged via the Portal, including the bond number, property address and bond status e.g. lodged, refund pending and refunded.

Agencies have the added capability of being able to manage their own user account and can easily add multiple property managers to administer bonds on behalf of their agency. The Portal will also issue receipts and Bond Refund Notices electronically, improving turnaround times.

Registering for the Rental Bonds Portal

You can access the Portal via the ‘Rental Bonds Portal’ button on the top of this page or by clicking here. This will take you to the Portal sign in page.  Select the ‘create account’ button to commence the registration process and follow the on screen prompts.

Agencies will need to elect an agency administrator to register their account. This person may be a director, principal, an owner or person responsible for the agency that has been duly authorised to register the agency’s account.  You will be required to provide the agency’s ABN, licence number, contact information and bank details in order to complete the registration process.

Lessors managing their own properties will also need to register for the Portal. This should be done by the principal lessor for a property, being the person responsible for lodging and managing the bond. The principal lessor will need to supply contact information and bank details to complete the registration process.

Where there are multiple lessors for a property, only the principal lessor needs to register for the Portal. Additional lessors will be identified during the bond lodgement process, but will not have access to view the bond.

Bonds lodged prior to the Portal release

Bonds lodged with the Rental Bonds Office, that you received a receipt for prior to the Portal going live, will continue to be managed under the procedures and system in place at the time the lodgement was processed.

A Bond Refund form will need to be completed and emailed to to request a refund for these bonds.

Revised Transitional Arrangements

Bond Lodgement forms received by the Rental Bonds Office prior to 1 December 2018 will be entered into the Portal on your behalf, if you have registered. This includes single bond lodgements received prior to the Portal going live, that you have not yet received a receipt for. Bulk lodgements will continue to be entered into the old system and managed under the processes and system in place at the time.

It should be noted that you will need to register for the Portal before we can complete this process.

About Rental Bonds

Most landlords or agents will ask you to pay a bond when renting a residential property. A bond acts as a security for the performance of the tenant’s obligations under a residential tenancy agreement. Bond money can be used by the lessor (also known as the landlord) to pay things such as damage caused by a tenant (besides normal wear and tear) or any outstanding payable rent.

Lessors and agents are not required by law to take a bond from a tenant, however, if they do receive a bond they are required to lodge it. Bonds can be any amount not exceeding the first four weeks rent. Lessors and agents must give the tenant a receipt as proof of payment of the bond.

The ACT Revenue Office is responsible for the receipt and management of residential tenancy rental bonds in the ACT under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (the Act) and the Residential Tenancies Regulation 1998 (the Regulation).

The ACT Revenue Office does not provide legal advice to tenants, landlords or real estate agents.

If you’re the lessor, you’ll need to pay land tax for a rented or vacant property that’s not your principal place of residence. You may be liable for the foreign ownership surcharge if you’re not an Australian citizen or resident.

Rental Bonds Call Centre

The Rental Bonds call centre queue has been updated to better manage and assist with your enquiries. Agents, lessors and tenants now have their own call queues and are able to select between Portal, lodgement and refund enquiries.