How to lodge a bond

Tenants can lodge a bond using the Tenant Bond Lodgement form.

The form must be completed in full and emailed to rb@act.gov.au. Children or any person who has not contributed to the bond should not be included in this form.

Once received, the Rental Bonds Office will enter the bond into the Portal and assign it to the corresponding lessor or agency’s Portal account. This will allow them to view and manage the bond.

The Rental Bonds Office will then email the party that submitted the form, and the associated lessor or agency, the bond number and unique payment reference details.

How to pay a bond

Payment should be made through your financial institution’s banking service.

Please ensure you are using the correct BSB and account number, and that you have entered the bond number as the transaction description. Payments may also be made in instalments using the same BSB and account number for the bond.

If you have paid the bond to the lessor or agency they will make the payment on your behalf.

Once a payment has been received, the lessor or their agency. together with the tenants will receive a payment confirmation email, with a bond lodgement receipt attached. This will be emailed the same day the payment is receipted in the Portal.