Receive notices electronically

Register your email address so we can send you your Rates and Land Tax Assessment Notices electronically.

By registering your email address you are agreeing to cancel the delivery of your assessment notices by post. You can cancel delivery by email and reinstate delivery by post at any time by writing to the ACT Revenue Office.

The email you receive notices from has changed. Notices delivered electronically are now  sent from
no-reply@notices.revenue.act.gov.au. You should whitelist no-reply@notices.revenue.act.gov.au to ensure notices are received in your inbox on time. For more information on when you should expect to receive your notices please click here.

Whitelisting - your email system (eg. Outlook, Hotmail or Gmail) has the capability to list email addresses that are allowed past your junk/spam filter and can be seen in your in-box. Please add the ACT Revenue Office email address
no-reply@notices.revenue.act.gov.au into your email system’s whitelist, refer to your email provider’s whitelisting instructions.

If the ACT Revenue Office receives a 'bounce back' from your email address, a paper notice will be sent to your last advised postal address. If we receive two consecutive bounce backs, delivery by email will be cancelled. Please note that if you change your email address you must register again in order to receive notices electronically.