About us

The ACT Revenue Office is responsible for the administration of ACT tax laws. We also manage the assessment and collection of ACT taxes, as well as administering conveyance duty concessions, exemptions, the First Home Owner Grant and the collection of outstanding tax debts.

To ensure that you comply with ACT tax laws, the ACT Revenue Office provides a reliable level of service and assistance together with advice and information on specific eligibility requirements and rights, responsibilities and obligations as a taxpayer.

Service Standards

The ACT Revenue Office is continuously improving the quality, efficiency and service standards of taxation services provided. If you are not satisfied with the services that we are providing, we recommend that you contact the ACT Revenue Office using our Contact form.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The ACT Revenue Office is committed to maintaining and improving our customer service and information management standards, each year the ACT Revenue Office conducts a customer satisfaction survey seeking feedback on customer service, advice and information provided on the website.  The next client survey is scheduled to commence in October 2017.

Below is a list of previous years customer satisfaction survey results.