New look rates notices

We are making it easier for you to pay your rates thanks to some simple changes to rates notices. Your new notice will feature clearer instructions on how to pay and more information about the types of services your rates support in our community including schools, hospitals and urban services. The following notices will change from July 2018:

  • Rates assessment notices
  • Land tax assessments
  • Land rent assessments
  • City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy and
  • Valuation notices

If you’re a property owner in the ACT, you pay rates that go towards funding a range of municipal and other important services for the ACT community. You’re an ‘owner’ if you are:

  • the registered proprietor of a parcel of land
  • a new owner in possession of the parcel but not yet registered as the proprietor
  • a mortgagee in possession
  • a person holding the parcel of land under a sublease from the territory.

In the ACT, the municipal services that rates help fund include:

  • additions to and upkeep of main roads, bicycle paths and footpaths
  • the establishment and maintenance of recreational areas, swimming pools, public libraries, halls and community centres
  • waste management, stormwater drainage, street lighting and cleaning.

Other essential services include health and community care, education, policing, justice and community safety, public transport, environment and nature reserves, emergency services, sport and recreation, tourism, and arts.

Assessment notices

The ACT Revenue Office sends out assessment notices regarding your rates in the post or by email. These notices contain your property details, your account number, itemised charges, and payment options and due dates.

Assessments have different issue and due dates depending on the suburb in which your property sits. The ACT is divided into three sectors for billing.


Due date for first
quarter assessment

Due date  for second
quarter assessment

Due date  for third
quarter assessment

Due date  for fourth
quarter assessment


27 August

15 November

15 February

15 May


15 September

15 December

15 March

15 June


15 October

15 January

15 April

15 July

How much are rates?

The rates you pay depend on both the type and the value of the property you own. Visit the Calculating rates page to learn more.

When do you pay rates?

You can pay your rates either in one annual payment or in four quarterly instalments. To find out more, visit the Pay your rates page. You can nominate to receive your Rates and Land Tax Assessment Notices electronically by clicking here.

If you're renting a residential property to a tenant, or if the property is not your principal place of residence you will need to pay land tax for the property as well as rates.

If you’re not an Australian citizen or resident, you’ll need to pay the foreign ownership surcharge.