Land tax


ACT land tax applies to all residential properties that are not occupied by an owner as their principal place of residence. You must tell us if you own a property liable for land tax. High penalties may apply if you do not notify us that you are liable for land tax.

You will need to notify us that you have a land tax liability if you:

  • Own a property that is rented or becomes rented
  • Own a property that has been left vacant or becomes vacant
  • Rent a dwelling on the same property as your principal place of residence (like a granny flat)
  • Own a property as a trustee

A foreign ownership surcharge is also applied to all ACT residential properties owned by a foreign person, who is not ordinarily resident in Australia. The Land Tax Notification Form should also be used to notify us if you are liable for the surcharge.  Further information on what constitutes a foreign owner can be found here.

Use the Land tax notification form to notify us of your land tax liability, including the foreign ownership surcharge.