Lessors and Agencies

To apply for a refund for a bond that was not lodged via  the Portal, you will need to complete a Bond Refund form and email it to rb@act.gov.au.  These bonds will be managed in accordance with the procedures and system in place at the time the lodgement was processed.

If the bond was lodged via the Portal, you will need to submit the request for refund online.

This is in addition to the requirement to provide the tenant with a signed Bond Release Application. You may continue to use the Bond Refund form for this purpose.

You can refer to the Request a Refund User Guide  for step by step instructions on how to complete this process online.

If the whole bond amount is to be refunded to the tenants, they will receive an email notification advising them of this, and the bond will be refunded to the bank accounts provided.

If less than 100% of the bond is to be refunded to the tenants, they will be emailed a Bond Refund Notice. This will detail the requested distribution of the bond.

Tenants have 14 days to respond to the Bond Refund Notice in writing, and advise if they agree to the requested refund or if they wish to dispute it.

If the requested refund is disputed, the Rental Bonds Office will notify the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) of the dispute. Both parties will also be notified that the matter has been referred to the ACAT.

Any portion of the bond that is undisputed will be refunded at this stage. The disputed portion of the bond can be refunded at any time, should the parties resolve their dispute, by lodging a completed Bond Refund form signed by all parties.

If the tenants agree to the requested refund distribution, as detailed in the Bond Refund Notice, all parties will be refunded as requested.  Refunds will be paid via bank transfer.