Barrier free conveyancing

New stamping procedures for pre-barrier free

As of 24 September 2020, a new electronic approval process has been established between the ACT Revenue Office and the ACT Land Titles Office regarding Pre Barrier Free ‘stamping’ of instruments for settlement purposes.

These measures now enable the ACT Revenue Office to better cater to the needs of our customers who require service from staff who are working remotely at a time when many customers are also seeking to work remotely.  They also enable contactless stamping of documents and remove the need for customers to have documents physically stamped at the ACT Land Titles Office following its move to a new counter facility.

  • Requests should be emailed to with supporting documents attached in order for their conformity with ACT Revenue data to be verified.
  • An Authority email, which will include a unique number assigned in relation to each particular transfer instrument in accordance with Section 239 of the Duties Act 1999 will be emailed in return and also provided to the Land Titles Office.
  • This authority email will constitute evidence of authorisation by the ACT Revenue Office for the transfer instrument to be taken as stamped.

Any document discrepancies noted by the Land Titles Office will be clarified directly with the ACT Revenue Office.

The model for conveyancing process has changed

As of 18 September 2017, the system for collecting conveyancing duty on property transactions was changed to the new Barrier Free Model.

The new model applies to all conveyance transactions executed on or after 18 September 2017 that are required to be registered on the Land Titles Register.

What are the benefits?

The Barrier Free model has many benefits including:

  • Duty is no longer paid before settlement
  • Transactions can be processed faster
  • You can claim concessions and exemptions without a detailed application form

Which transactions will Barrier Free apply to?

From 18 September 2017, all conveyance transactions executed on or after this date and that are required to be registered on the land titles register will benefit from the Barrier Free model.

How are off the plan purchases affected?

Under the Barrier Free model there will be no distinction between off the plan purchases and other contracts.

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