Lessors and Agencies

Lodging a bond via the Portal

All bonds must be lodged via the Portal, with the exception of bonds with an ACT Housing Loan.

You can refer to the Lodge a Bond User Guide for step by step instructions on how to lodge a bond.

You will be required to enter the details of the bond during a single session. You cannot return to the bond to complete the lodgement process at a later stage. Once the bond has been submitted you cannot edit it. If you have made an error you will need to contact the Rental Bonds Office for assistance.

Please ensure that you have obtained email addresses from each tenant contributing to the bond for the service of documents.

Bonds with an ACT Housing Loan

Bonds with an ACT Housing Loans must be lodged using the ACT Housing Loan Bond Lodgement form. The completed form should be emailed to rb@act.gov.au.

The Rental Bonds Office will enter the bond into the Portal and assign it to the corresponding lessor or agency’s Portal account. They will then email the party that submitted the form the bond number and unique payment reference details, allowing payment of the tenant’s portion of the bond to be made.

How to pay a bond

Upon completion of the bond lodgement process, you will be provided with unique payment reference details for the bond.

Payment should be made through your financial institution’s banking service. If you have made arrangements for the tenant to pay the bond, you will need to provide them with the payment reference details.

Please ensure you are using the correct BSB and account number, and that you have entered the bond number as the transaction description. Payments may also be made in instalments for single bond lodgements using the same BSB and account number for each payment.

It should be noted, that we only accept full payment for bulk lodgements. Under or overpaid bulk lodgements will be rejected and a new payment in full will be required.

Once a payment has been received, the lessor or their agency, together with the tenants will receive a payment confirmation email, with a bond lodgement receipt attached. This will be emailed the same day the payment is receipted in the Portal.