To apply for a refund you will need to complete a Bond Refund form and email it to rb@act.gov.au.

Please read the instructions carefully. You should not sign a Bond Refund Form prior to the refund amounts being entered. Completed forms will be processed within 14 days. Once a completed form has been received, any further revised versions of the form will not be accepted.

The lessor or their agent, and any tenants that did not sign the Bond Refund form, will be issued with a Bond Refund S33 Notice advising of the requested bond refund. They have 14 days to respond to the Bond Refund Notice in writing and advise if they agree to the requested refund or if they wish to dispute it.

If the lessor or their agent agree to the requested refund as detailed in the Bond Refund Notice, all parties will be refunded as requested. Please allow up to 48 hours for the refund to be deposited into your nominated bank account following processing. The description of the refund is ACT Rental Bonds.

Refund Disputes

If the requested refund is disputed, ACT Rental Bonds will notify the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) of the dispute. Both bond parties will also be notified that the matter has been referred to the ACAT.

Any portion of the bond that is undisputed will be refunded at this stage. The disputed portion of the bond can be refunded at any time, should the parties resolve their dispute, by lodging a completed Bond Refund form signed by all parties.