Home buyer concessions from 1 July 2019

From 1 July 2019, more home buyers in the ACT will pay no duty, and they will have more freedom to buy the first home that's right for them.

Who is eligible

To pay no duty on your home purchase:

A partner includes your spouse, civil union partner, civil partner or de facto partner.

* There are limited exceptions to this requirement, including court orders and agreements made under the Family Law Act 1975 and the Domestic Relationships Act 1994.

** The Commissioner for ACT Revenue can exempt you from the residence requirements, in full or in part, but only in very specific circumstances. 

Eligible properties

All properties in the ACT are eligible for this scheme. Unlike the previous concession scheme, it now applies to vacant residential land and both new and established homes, anywhere in the ACT and at any price.

Income thresholds

To be eligible to pay no duty, the total gross income of all home buyers and their partners (if any) over the full financial year before the transaction date must be less than or equal to the thresholds below.

Your partner’s income must be included, even if they won't be owner of the home.

Total gross income threshold amount

Number of dependent children

Total gross income threshold











5 or more


What happens next?

If you took the above quiz and found out you're eligible to pay no duty, you would have gotten a concession code.

You or your lawyer will need to record this code on your transfer instrument as part of you paperwork to buy the home.

We'll issue you a Notice of Assessment for duty with the concession applied. You do not have to take any further action, unless your circumstances change.

After you’ve received your assessment, we may contact you to verify your eligibility for the HBCS. For example, we may ask you to give us copies of any documents that support your eligibility, or we may ask you to prove your residency at the home. You need to keep copies of the following supporting documents for at least five years after the transaction:

If you do not claim the HBCS concession code on the transfer instrument, you can submit a late claim using the form here. When we receive your claim, we will issue you a notice of reassessment with the concession applied.