Rescission process

For transactions that are executed prior to the commencement of the Barrier Free Model, where a rescission is applied after the original submission of the documents with the Revenue Office, a rescission lodgement must be submitted.

To make a Rescission Lodgement, you need to complete the Rescission Lodgement and Refund form [86KB] , [342KB]. If the original lodgement was made via SmartForm or has been paid and collected from the Land Titles Office counter, you will need to attach your original documents (Contract and Transfer if applicable) and cancelling instrument to the lodgement. Once you have completed the lodgement form, you need to mail it to the:

ACT Revenue Office
PO Box 293
Civic Square ACT 2608.

The ACT Revenue Office will make an assessment to ensure the rescission does not give effect to a sub sale. If your transaction does give effect to a sub sale, you need complete the Cancellation of a Contract Giving Effect to a Sub Sale.

Once approved, the original document will be returned via post containing the cancelled stamp. Where a refund is due, it will be paid to your nominated account listed on the recession lodgement and refund form.