Betting Operations Tax


How much is the tax-free threshold?

The annual tax-free threshold is $150,000. However, for the 2018/19 financial year the tax-free threshold will be $75,000, as the Betting Operations Tax will only apply to the NABR earned after 1 January 2019.

What is the ‘Net ACT Betting Revenue’ of a betting operator?

The NABR is the difference between:

  • incoming amounts or values received by a betting operator during a financial year such as bets placed, any fees, commissions or prescribed amounts associated with the placement of bets paid to the operator; and
  • any outgoings of the operator such as refunds, prescribed costs paid by the betting operator, winnings paid or payable by the operator.

The formula for calculating NABR is as follows:

(TB + TF) – (W + PC)


TB - represents the total ACT bets made with, or using a service provided by, the betting operator during the financial year.

TF - represents the total of fees, commissions, and any other amounts prescribed by regulation, which are associated with making bets or using the service during the financial year.

W - represents total winnings paid or payable in respect of ACT bets during the financial year.

PC - means the total refunds of ACT bets by the operator, and any other costs prescribed by regulation and paid by the operator during the financial year.