Home buyer concession scheme

The Home Buyer Concession Scheme (HBCS) is an ACT Government initiative that assists people with buying their home or residential land. The scheme is administered by the ACT Revenue Office.

The HBCS currently offers eligible applicants a duty concession, which is calculated using the duty thresholds applicable to the transaction date.  The concession is applied on a sliding scale from full duty being payable down to nil.

From 1 July 2019, the HBCS will change. Eligible applicants who enter into a transaction to purchase property on or after this date will be entitled to a full duty concession. The new scheme applies to both new and established properties and removes property price thresholds.

To view the eligibility requirements for the HBCS and determine the duty payable, select the period applicable to your transaction date below. This is the date of grant, transfer, or agreement for transfer (whichever is first – not the settlement date).

For full details of the scheme visit Home buyer concession scheme.