City centre marketing and improvements levy

The City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy (CCMIL) is applied to all rateable ACT commercial properties in the City and some selected areas of benefit in Braddon.  The CCMIL is used to fund events, promote activities, capital improvements and provide cleaning and security services to the City and Braddon Districts.

The CCMIL rates payable for collection areas are:

Area A – Retail Core

AUV x 0.2992%

Area B – Non Retail Core

AUV x 0.2161%

Lodgement of Returns

The CCMIL is payable by 27 August each year, the amount payable is included in your CCMIL Assessment Notice.

Payments can be made using the CCMIL Online Payment facility.

Reference Material

Further information on the CCMIL can be located using the information below: