Mortgage relief

The Mortgage Relief Fund is an ACT Government initiative that aims to provide repayable, interest-free loans to mortgage holders who are having difficulty making their mortgage repayments because of an unforeseen change in their circumstances. Such changes can include loss of employment, sudden illness or injury within the last 12 months. The fund does not exist to assist mortgage holders who’ve simply neglected their mortgage repayments.

The ACT Revenue Office will consider you for a mortgage relief loan only after you can show that you’ve tried to access all other resources available to you.

This includes discussing hardship assistance with your mortgage lender. For those who qualify, the fund provides short-term assistance only.

The maximum amount you’ll receive for an approved mortgage relief loan is $10,000. You can use this loan only as payment towards arrears on your mortgage, or a combination of arrears and future payments (with arrears capped at $5,000).

If you’re experiencing long-term financial problems, get advice from a financial counsellor on other options for resolving these issues. Assistance may be available for low-income earners through such organisations as Care Inc. Financial Counselling Service


To be considered for a mortgage relief loan, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

Payment and repayment

If the ACT Revenue Office approves your mortgage relief loan:

If you sell, refinance or renegotiate the mortgage on the property, you must repay the mortgage relief loan.


For our office to consider you for a mortgage relief loan, you need to meet all of the eligibility criteria in the application form. It’s also your responsibility to make sure that our office receives all correct, necessary information and documentation, including any required documents from your lending institution.

We will not process your application if the information you provide indicates that you can’t reasonably sustain home ownership or repay your mortgage relief loan.

You may want to seek help from a financial advisor or other service provider in preparing your loan application.

Complete the Mortgage Relief application form and send it to:

ACT Revenue Office
PO Box 293
Civic Square ACT 2608