Owner occupier duty concession

The ACT Government is offering stamp duty concessions in the ACT for some home buyers planning to live in their new property. Note these are separate from a new owner occupier base rate for stamp duty.

Off the plan units - from 1 July 2021

For contracts exchanged on or after 1 July 2021, there is no stamp duty on off-the-plan unit (unit-titled apartment and townhouses) purchases values at  $500,000 or less.

Eligibility requirements include:

Vacant land and off the plan units - 4 June 2020 to 30 June 2021

The following concessions applied to contracts exchanged between 4 June 2020 and 30 June 2021:

Eligibility requirements include:

Eligible new homeowners will be identified as part of the settlement process.

Further information is available at:


To determine your eligibility and apply for these concessions, complete the online questionnaire.

How to claim?

If you're eligible, to claim the owner occupier concession you will need to reference the concession code number shown on your completed questionnaire on the Buyer Verification Declaration before you register the title transfer with Access Canberra in Dickson. You do not need to give us any other documents at this time.

If you do not claim the owner occupier concession code number on the Buyer Verification Declaration before you register your transfer, you can submit a late claim using the Application for concession, exemption or correction of duty after registration of title form. When we receive your claim, we will issue you a notice of reassessment with the concession applied.

What happens next?

We'll issue you a Notice of Assessment for duty with the concession applied. You do not have to take any further action, unless your circumstances change, in which case you will need to notify our office.

After you’ve received your assessment, we may contact you to verify your eligibility for the concession. For example, we may require you to give us copies of any documents that support your eligibility, or we may ask you to prove your residency at the home. You need to keep copies of your supporting documents for at least five years after the transaction date.

We review claims and conduct investigations into the owner occupier concession on an ongoing basis.