HomeBuilder Grant

The Homebuilder Grant (Grant) is a Commonwealth grants program administered by the ACT Revenue Office (ACTRO).

HomeBuilder provides eligible owner-occupiers (including first home buyers) with a grant of $25,000 to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home.


Requirements to access the Grant have been specified by the Commonwealth – further details are available from the Commonwealth Treasury website here.

Owner-occupiers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Owner-builders are ineligible for the Grant.

Investment properties are ineligible for the Grant.

In negotiating a building contact, the parties must deal with each other at arm’s length. This means the contract must be made by two parties freely and independently of each other, and without some special relationship, such as being a relative. The terms of the contract should be commercially reasonable and the contract price should not be inflated compared to the fair market price.

Renovations or building work must be undertaken by a registered or licenced builder.

The renovation works must be to improve the accessibility or safety or liveability of the dwelling. It cannot be for standalone granny flats, swimming pools, tennis courts, and structures that are not connected to the property (i.e. outdoor spas and saunas, sheds or standalone garages).

What does ‘commence construction’ mean?

It means substantial earthworks, excavations, demolition and physical building work.

Preparatory works such as site clearing, fencing, markings, delivery of building products will not be considered sufficient to meet the construction requirement.

Examples of evidence which you can provide to demonstrate you have commenced construction:

A statutory declaration from your appointed builder that construction has substantially commenced in line with the examples above.


In the ACT, applying for the Grant is a two-part application to ACTRO:

Part A: Registration.

Complete the form here as part of your application for the Grant. Completing the form does not in any way constitute eligibility for the Grant. You must lodge the Part A form by 31 December 2020 for your application to be considered.

Part B: Detailed Application.

A comprehensive application form (coming soon) will be available for you to complete the second part of your application. This form requires detailed information about you, your builder, type of construction, as well as detailed supporting documentation.

ACT implementation

Further details on the application process, payment arrangements and conditions for the ACT are coming soon.

If you register your interest for a HomeBuilder grant under Part A of the application process, you will be advised of updates to application forms and supporting materials.