Rates Deferral (Hardship) Application Form

If you're a property owner who is not a pensioner and is experiencing significant financial hardship, each year you can apply to defer your rates under the Rates Act 2004.

Please complete the following application to apply for a rates deferral (hardship) assistance of your rates at the ACT Revenue Office
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Owner details

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Date of birth:

Property details

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If the property is not your principal place of residence you are not eligible for a deferral of rates.
Please submit a Land Tax Notification Form.

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A rates deferment on hardship grounds can only be approved for up to 12 months, a new application
must be submitted with the Commissioner for ACT Revenue each year.

Contact details

Financial information

Please provide total savings from all bank accounts, term deposits and investment accounts.


List all assets and their current value (eg. motor vehicles, boats, caravans, trailers, motor bikes)

Monthly Income

Provide details of all monthly gross income sources including: Employers, pensions, allowances,
rental income, maintenance payments, share dividens and interest.

Monthly Expenses


(please list all dependents names and ages)

Compensation and third party claims

Do you have an outstanding compensation/third party claim? *


  • Statement requesting hardship assistance
  • Mortgage/home loan documents
  • Bank statements (last 6 months)
  • Evidence of arrears
  • Evidence of income
  • The most recent years tax returns
  • Monthly expenses
  • Compensation and third party claims documentation (if applicable)


Declare that:

  • I/we declare that the information in this deferral application is true, correct and complete and that I/we have self-assessed my/our eligibility for a deferral.
  • I/we agree that be submitting this application under Section 46 of the Rates Act 2004, I am/we are applying to defer my/our rates.
  • I/we authorise the ACT Revenue Office to verify the details provided to substantiate this application.
  • I/we acknowledge that under section 338 of the Criminal Code 2002, giving false or misleading information is a serious offence and I will notify the Commissioner for ACT Revenue in writing and provide full details if there is a change in my/our circumstances during the financial year. This includes a change of address and contact details.

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If you require further information on Rates Assistance and your application, please contact the ACT Revenue Office by clicking here or call us on (02) 6207 0028.