Deceased and Bankrupt Estates

How to claim for a deceased estate

Where a party to a bond has died, a claim for the refund of a bond can be made after proving entitlement either as beneficiary or executor.

A legal practitioner, acting on behalf of the estate or family of a deceased person, can apply for the refund of a bond by lodging a Bond Refund form.

Either the beneficiary, or the executor of the will of the deceased, may claim in place of the deceased by providing a copy of the death certificate, the will and signed photo identification.

Where a person dies without leaving a will (intestate), any entitlement to a bond may be claimed by the person appointed as Administrator of the estate. An Administrator should provide evidence of their appointment.

Where no Administrator has been appointed, application may be made as follows:

How to claim for a bankrupt estate

Where a party to a bond is declared bankrupt, the Assignee or Trustee of the bankrupt may lodge a Bond Refund form on their behalf.

When making the application, evidence of the appointment of the Assignee or Trustee should be provided.