How to pay

Duty payments

Payment options and information on how and where to make duty payments to the ACT Revenue Office on transactions listed below:

  • Conveyance Duty
  • Duty on commercial leases
  • Landholder duty
  • Other fee’s including duplicates, counterparts or replicas for duty documents and rates and land tax conveyancing statements

ACCESS CANBERRA: In person at the Access Canberra Environment, Planning and Land Shopfront only located at:

Dame Pattie Menzies House
Ground floor south
16 Challis Street

Accepted payment methods include Debit cards, Credit cards (Visa/Mastercard only), Cash and cheque.  All cheques and postal orders must be made payable to the ACT Revenue Office.

Payment amounts of duty are unlimited for Bank cheques, money orders or solicitor’s trust account cheques. A limited cheque amount of $5000 applies to personal cheques, and $20,000 for solicitor’s business account cheques.

Further information on the ACT Revenue Office’s payment policy and methods is detailed in Revenue Circular GEN003.1.