Ambulance levy

The new Self Service Portal

The ACT Revenue Office has developed a Self Service Portal (SSP) that allows Private Health Insurers carrying out business in the ACT to lodge their monthly Ambulance Levy online.

SSP has the added functionality of providing real time information and allows users to view their transactions histories and manage their account.

From 1 December 2018, all Private Health Insurers should commence using this service.

It is important to note that AUSKey authentication is used to access the SSP and is a mandatory requirement. If you do not already have an AUSKey you must register for one on the Australian Business Register website at:

The new Self Service Portal – What will I be able to do?

Private Health Insurers currently registered for the Ambulance Levy in the ACT have been contacted and provided with information about this service, together with username and password details to access the SSP Information Hub and SSP login page.

If you are currently registered for the Ambulance Levy in the ACT and have not been contacted by our office, please call our dedicated help line on (02) 6207 4060.