Rates assistance



If you’re a home owner in the ACT and receive a Commonwealth Government pension with entitlement to a Pensioner Concession Card, a Department of Veterans’ Affairs or a War Veteran’s pension, you may be eligible for a rates rebate.

The pensioner rates rebate is a 50 per cent rebate on your rates capped at $700 and only applies to your principal place of residence .

Eligible applicants will also receive a rebate of $98 for the Fire and Emergency Services Levy.

If there are two property owners and they are both eligible for the pension, the household will receive the full rebate. If there is only one person eligible for the pension, 50 per cent of the rebate will be applied.

If you have been continuously eligible for the rebate since 30 June 1997, you are covered by a different rebate scheme. The amount of your rebate is 50 per cent of your rates, but your rebate capped at the 2015–16 level if it exceeded $700 in that year.

A rebate can only be applied from the year of application and not before. If you become a pensioner during the year, contact us as soon as possible to determine whether you’re eligible for a rebate.

Application process

To apply for a rebate, please complete and submit the Rates Assistance (Pensioner) Application Form.

Changing circumstances

If you currently receive a rates rebate and cease to be an eligible pensioner, you must notify us of the change. You must also tell us if you move to a new property.

If you have been eligible for the rates rebate continuously since 30 June 1997 and are moving, the cap for your rebate will remain the same, at the 2015–16 level for your old property or be 50 per cent of the rates assessment for your new property – whichever is lower.

For example, if you received a $1,200 concession in 2015–16, your concession stays frozen at $1,200. If you then move to a new property with a rates assessment of $2,000, then your new concession will be a maximum of $1,000 (half the cost of $2,000). Your maximum concession would remain at $1,200 if your new property has a rates assessment higher than $2,500.


In addition to receiving a rebate, you can apply to defer payment of all or part of the balance of your total rates charges after the rebate is deducted. To apply for a rates deferment, please complete and submit the Rates Assistance (Pensioner) Application Form.


Simple Interest applies on the amount that has been deferred.

The interest rate is variable and is updated every July and January in alignment with the monthly average 90 day Bank Accepted Bill rate issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia.