Barrier free conveyancing

Concessions and Exemptions

Yes, there are changes because the Barrier Free model removes the requirements to submit an application before settlement for most concession and exemption types.

A range of self assessment tools and forms, which include online questionnaires and calculators, have been deployed to assist you with determining your eligibility for a range of concessions and exemptions administered by our office.

The First Home Owner Grant will continue to be administered under the existing timeframes. Applications can only be lodged after the eligible transaction has completed i.e. settlement has occurred or a Certificate of Occupancy and Use has been issued.

If you are eligible for home buyer duty assistance, you can claim the concession on the transfer documents lodged at Access Canberra.

You can complete the relevant online questionnaire to determine your eligibility and obtain the necessary concession code to claim at registration.

A complete list of concession codes, together with the associated supporting documentation to be kept can be found on the Codes and Supporting documents page.

We have updated our website with online calculators, tools, questionnaires and information to enable you to work out the concessions and exemptions you can claim at registration.

Upon completing these questionnaires to determine their eligibility for concessions and exemptions. If you are deemed eligible based on the answers given, you will be provided with a list of supporting documentation that you are required to keep.

You must keep these records for a period of 5 years after settlement. You will also be advised of the applicable concession code to record on your transfer instrument to claim your concession or exemption.

If you have claimed a concession or exemption, we may contact you after your transaction has completed to review these documents and verify your eligibility.