Payroll Tax Employer Status & Grouping Update Form

There are 4 categories of employer status that can be declared on your payroll tax return, they are:

1. Individual employer (non-group member)
2. Group employer
3. Designated group employer (DGE) for a group
4. Joint return lodger (JRL) for a group

Please complete the following questions and correctly declare your employer status, business activity or group structure. Failure to correctly declare your group status may result in compliance action against you.
Are you registered for payroll tax in the ACT? *
Are you a *
In the previous 2 months were you part of a group for the purposes of Payroll Tax? *
What is the effective start date of the group?
What is the effective end date of the group?
Have you nominated a Designated Group Employer (DGE)? *
Have you nominated a Joint Return Lodger (JRL)? *
Declaration *

I acknowledge that under section 338 of the Criminal Code 2002, giving false or misleading information is a serious offence.

I will notify the ACT Revenue Office in writing and provide full details if there is a change in my circumstances during the financial year. This includes change of contact or address details, cessation of trading in the ACT of change in group structure.

To notify us of a change in your circumstances use the Payroll Tax Registration - Notification Form.

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If you require further information on payroll tax and group structures, please contact the ACT Revenue Office by clicking here or call us on (02) 6207 0028.