Rental bonds

Forms and fees

Bond lodgement form (76KB)(198KB)

Refund of bond form (71KB) , (194KB)

Occupancy bond lodgement form (71KB) , (193KB)

Occupancy refund of bond form (70KB) , (192KB)

Transfer of tenants (72KB) , (197KB)

Transfer of premises (71KB) , (196KB)

Change of tenant's forwarding address (67KB) , (192KB)

Change of lessor's forwarding address (67KB) , (192KB)

Change of lessor or managing agent (68KB) , (185KB)

Revocation of managing agent (68KB) , (186KB)

Agent's signature authority (65KB) , (173KB)

Request a stop and reissue cheque payment (72KB) , (273KB)

Request for unclaimed bond (68KB) , (185KB)

Condition Report (44KB), (157KB)