Rental bonds

How to Lodge a Bond or Bond Refund

If a lessor or agent receives a bond, they are required to lodge the bond with ACT Rental Bonds. Bonds must be lodged within two weeks of receipt of the bond or commencement of the tenancy. Managing agents are required to lodge the bond within four weeks of receiving the bond, or commencement of the tenancy.

Bonds can only be lodged by direct deposit to the Rental Bonds account and the Rental Bond lodgement form must be emailed or posted.

You can email the completed Rental Bond lodgement form to using the property address as the subject header or post to:

ACT Rental Bonds
PO Box 293

The bond lodgement form must contain the signatures of all interested parties. These signatures will be required when a claim for refund of bond is lodged in order to verify that the claimants are those on the original bond form.

The Rental Bond lodgement form should not include children or any person who has not contributed to the bond.

An application for a refund of a bond is usually made after the completion of the tenancy. Once the refund has been released from ACT Rental Bonds, the refund is deposited into a person’s nominated account.

Refund applications can be made before a tenancy has been completed if:

  • the application is signed jointly by the lessor and the tenant;
  • the application is signed by the lessor to be paid to the tenant;
  • the application is signed by the tenant to be paid by the lessor; or
  • the Australian Capital Territory Civil & Administration Tribunal (ACAT) orders the full, or part of the bond be paid to either party.

To apply for a refund you should complete a Bond Refund form. To ensure that the form that you submit is valid you need to ensure the form is completed correctly and in full. Please read the instructions on the form carefully.

Do not sign a refund of bond form if the refund details section has not been completed. Please ensure there are amounts listed in this section prior to signing.

Refund of bond forms can be lodged by email to or posted to:

ACT Rental Bonds
PO Box 293

Once a validly completed form has been received any further revised versions of the form will not be accepted. If a mistake is made when completing the form, do not use whiteout or liquid paper to alter the form. You should strike through any incorrect details, write the correct information above or below, and have the alterations initialled by all parties, or complete a new form.

Processing times for bond refunds

Fully completed refund of bond forms are processed within 10 business days.  Incomplete application forms will delay processing times.

Once the refund is processed, please allow up to 48 hours for the refund to be deposited into your nominated bank account, the description of the refund is ACT Rental Bonds.

For any urgent refund matters please contact ACT Rental Bonds on (02) 6207 0028 or email

How to claim for a deceased estate

Where a party to a bond has died, a claim for the refund of a bond can be made after proving entitlement either as beneficiary or executor.

A legal practitioner, acting on behalf of the estate or family of a deceased person, can apply for the refund of a bond by lodging a Bond refund form.

Either the beneficiary, or the executor of the will of the deceased, may claim in place of the deceased by providing a copy of the death certificate, the will and signed photo identification.

Where a person dies without leaving a will (intestate), any entitlement to a bond may be claimed by the person appointed as administrator of the estate. An administrator should provide evidence of their appointment.

Where no administrator has been appointed, application may be made as follows:

  • By the spouse, domestic partner or children of the deceased. Applications will be considered where evidence (by statutory declaration) is provided that the person has been in a relationship with the deceased for two years or more, or is the parent of the child of the deceased.
  • In the absence of a spouse or children, by the parents of the deceased.

If the deceased is not survived by a spouse, children or parents, brothers or sisters of the deceased may make application for refund.

What if the claim for refund of a bond is for a bankrupt estate?

Where a party to a bond is declared bankrupt, the assignee of trustee of the bankrupt may lodge an application on their behalf.

When making the application, evidence of the appointment of the assignee or trustee should be provided.