Billing and payment

The ACT Revenue Office sends out assessment notices regarding your rates in the post or by email. These notices contain your property details, your account number, itemised charges, and payment options and due dates.

Assessments have different issue dates and due dates depending on the suburb in which your property sits. The ACT is divided into three sectors for billing.


Due date for first
quarter assessment

Due date  for second
quarter assessment

Due date  for third
quarter assessment

Due date  for fourth
quarter assessment


15 August

15 November

15 February

15 May


15 September

15 December

15 March

15 June


15 October

15 January

15 April

15 July

Owners of residential rental properties also need to pay land tax; the due dates for your land tax are the same as those for rates.

Rates or Land Tax Notice by email

Register here to receive your Rates and Land Tax notice by email.


Though your annual assessment notice indicates how much you owe in rates, you can also calculate the amount using our rates calculator.

You can pay your rates either in one annual payment or in four quarterly payments.

The easiest way to pay your rates is online through Access Canberra. However, there are a number of other available at payments and refunds.

What if you can’t pay?

If you’re finding it difficult to make your rates payments, contact us and we can help you make alternative payment arrangements.

What happens if you don’t pay?

If we don’t receive your rates payments by their due date, you’ll have to pay interest charges, which compound on a monthly basis on any amount that remains unpaid. We calculate and impose compounding interest charges, which may be subject to change during the year, on the 16th day of each month.

If you pay overdue rates partway through the month, you still have to pay interest for the whole month.