If you’re a property owner in the ACT, you pay rates that go towards funding a range of municipal and other important services for the ACT community. You’re an ‘owner’ if you are:

In the ACT, the municipal services that rates help fund include:

Other essential services include health and community care, education, policing, justice and community safety, public transport, environment and nature reserves, emergency services, sport and recreation, tourism, and arts.

How much are rates?

The rates you pay depend on both the type and the value of the property you own. Visit the Calculating rates page to learn more.

When do you pay rates?

You can pay your rates either in one annual payment or in four quarterly instalments. To find out more, visit the Billing and payment page. You can nominate to receive your Rates and Land Tax Assessment Notices electronically by clicking here.

You can apply to pay Rates, Land Tax, Land Rent or Deferred Duty by Direct Debit from a specified bank account, click here to apply.

Note that if you're renting a residential property to a tenant, you will need to pay land tax for the property as well as rates.