Approved forms

Approved forms include current lodgment, application and registration forms approved by the Commissioner for ACT Revenue.  The approved forms are made under section 139C of the Taxation Administration Act 1999 and are notifiable instruments.

The following table provides information and links to the current approved forms relevant to the ACT Revenue Office.  All links are to current approved forms on the ACT Legislation Register.  Repealed forms are also available on the ACT Legislation Register (external site).

Current approved form (external site)TopicBrief description
AF2016-46 Payroll Tax Application to Nominate a Designated Group Employer (DGC) or Joint Return Lodger (JRL) for ACT Payroll Tax
AF2016-45 Deferral Duty Deferral of Duty Application
AF2016-43 Insurance Duty Application for General and Life Insurance Duty Registration
AF2016-3DutyConveyance lodgment
AF2015-37RatesPensioner rates rebate application
AF2014-135Landholder DutyLandholder transfer of unlisted shares, units and interests lodgment (from 1 July 2012)
AF2012-110Utilities (network facilities) TaxApplication for utilities network facilities tax registration
AF2011-152Payroll taxRegistration: notification
AF2011-102Payroll taxApplication to nominate a Designated Group Employer or Joint Return Lodger
AF2012-110Utilities (network facilities) TaxLodgment for year ending 31 March 2012
AF2010-95Insurance DutyApplication for general and life insurance duty registration
AF2008-107 DutyReport by the responsible entity of a wholesale unit trust scheme
AF2008-103 DutyLandholder transfer of unlisted shares, units and interests lodgment
AF2007-114 Energy Industry LevyApplication for energy utility registration
AF2006-79 RatesRates deferral (hardship) application
AF2006-74RatesRates deferral (pensioner) application
AF2006-67 DutyDeclaration for residential 'off the plan' purchase agreement

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