If you think you are due a refund of an amount paid to the ACT Revenue Office you should apply in writing.  You should set out the circumstances regarding the refund in a letter, facsimile or by using the online feedback form.  lnclude any supporting documentation with the letter or facsimile. 

Warning - Hoax or scam - email/telephone - tax refunds/grants

There have been many hoax or scams in recent years.  The scammers may use emails, telephone calls or approach you in person.   Some scammers claim to be from the ACT Revenue Office and request that you provide your personal details.  If you have doubt about such an issue please contact us on 6207 0028.  Do not provide your personal details and do not access any online forms attached to emails.  Information about scams is available from SCAMWatch (external link).

Generally there is a 5-year time limit from when the tax was paid in which a taxpayer may apply to the Commissioner for a refund of tax.  This limit does not apply where another tax law has its own specific provision in relation to refunds of tax.

Interest may be included with a refund.  Generally, interest applies if the ACT Revenue Office over assessed and an amount was paid by a taxpayer.

You can speak to someone about your refund application by telephone or by visiting the Customer Service Centre.  See details at Contact us.

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