eLodge Scheme - Conveyance

The eLodge Scheme is an electronic system which provides for faster turnaround times to process and pay for certain conveyance transactions online using SmartForm technology and electronic funds transfer.  The SmartForm can be found at: https://form.act.gov.au/smartforms/actro/conveyance-elodge

Dutiable transactions accepted using the eLodge Scheme include:

  • Residential Land and Improvements
  • Residential Land Only
  • Residential Off the Plan Agreement
  • Commercial Land and Improvements
  • Commercial Land Only
  • Residential Crown Lease
  • Commercial Crown Lease
  • Residential Surrender and Regrant
  • Commercial Surrender and Regrant
  • Land Rent Crown Lease
  • Land Rent Transfer (land with or without improvements)

Documents are required to be lodged electronically and full payment made within 90 days from the date of the dutiable transaction or within 14 days of the occurrence of one of the events mentioned in section 16A(1) of the Duties Act 1999 for an Off the Plan Agreement.

Registration Process

The eLodge Scheme is only available for registered practitioners and their registered agents.

Practitioners must be registered to use the eLodge Scheme and must complete and return to the ACT Revenue Office the completed eLodge Registration Form.  Registered practitioners may begin using the eLodge Scheme upon notification that their registration has been approved. Please notify the ACT Revenue Office if there are any changes to the information provided on the registration form.

Agents of legal practitioners must also be registered to use the eLodge Scheme. Agents must complete and return to the ACT Revenue Office a completed eLodge Agent Registration Form.

Registration Forms

The signed and completed registration form can be emailed to DGC@act.gov.auor posted to:

ACT Revenue Office
PO Box 293
Civic Square ACT 2608

Supporting Documentations Required

True and correct supporting documentation must be attached to the online lodgment, these may include:

  • The Transfer form T-052;
  • The front page of the Contract for Sale, including any signature pages;
  • Special conditions within the Contract for Sale;
  • GST clauses, including the GST tick box contained within the Contract for Sale;
  • A valuation if required (see Revenue Circular DAA010.2); and
  • A complete Home Buyer Assistance application form, (i.e. Home Buyer Concession Scheme, Pensioner Duty Concession Scheme, Over 60’s Home Bonus Scheme or Deferred Duty application), together with all the required supporting documentation.  Please note, should you wish to lodge your Home Buyer Assistance application at the Access Canberra Shopfront in Dickson your transaction must also be lodged in person.

Where the transaction relates to a New Crown Lease, true and correct copies of the following supporting documentation must be attached:

  • The executed crown lease in duplicate; and
  • The application to register the crown leases and/or first grant contract.

For more detailed information regarding the use of eLodge, including eligibility criteria and conditions, see Revenue Circular DAA016.1 [RTF, 284Kb], [PDF, 214Kb]