Objection timeframes

Objection timeframes

From 1 July 2015, an indicative timeframe of six months applies to the determination of all objections.  The six months commences on the day on which the objection is received by the ACT Revenue Office, and ends when a written decision has been provided.
In the following circumstances, the six month timeframe may be extended:

  • If the ACT Revenue Office requests additional information from the objector or another person with information relevant to the objection, time spent awaiting the information is excluded from the six month timeframe.
  • If the objector gives the ACT Revenue Office permission, time spent awaiting the outcome of another relevant legal proceeding is excluded from the six month timeframe.
  • Examples of relevant legal proceedings include a proceeding concerning a tax liability of the same kind as that involved in the objection, or an unimproved land value dispute that will affect the determination of an outstanding objection for the same property.
  • If the objector requests that the determination of the objection be suspended for any other specified reason, or the objector gives the ACT Revenue Office permission to suspend an objection, the requested period of suspension is excluded.

The above indicative timeframes will be reviewed from time to time in light of the objections workload.

Performance targets

The ACT Revenue Office aims to complete 85 per cent of all objections within six months and 100 per cent of all objections within 12 months. The ACT Revenue Office will also aim to provide updates to objectors every six months on objections which are still outstanding.

Reporting on these performance indicators is included in audited annual statements. Included in this report will be the number of objections that fail to meet the performance indicators and, where possible, the reasons.

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