Service Charter

Our commitment

To improve tax processes and systems, build community confidence in our operations and ensure the relationship between us and the community is based on mutual trust and respect, we will:

  • be open, transparent and accountable in dealing with you;
  • be professional, responsive and fair, taking into account your circumstances and compliance history;
  • make it as easy as possible for you to comply with your tax obligations;
  • help you to understand your tax obligations by giving you information on which you can rely;
  • try to reduce your compliance costs, including through implementing electronic transactions;  and
  • be firm with persons who try to avoid their obligations, and effective in bringing them to account.

This charter sets out what you can expect from us when dealing with you, and what your important tax obligations are when dealing with us.  The charter is for everyone who deals with us on ACT tax matters, including duty, rates, levies, concessions and the First Home Owner Grant.

Your rights when dealing with us

You can expect us to:

  1. treat you fairly and reasonably;
  2. treat you as being honest in your tax affairs unless you act otherwise;
  3. offer you a professional service to help you understand and meet your tax obligations;
  4. accept you can be represented by a person of your choice and get advice about your tax affairs;
  5. respect your privacy;
  6. keep the information we hold about you confidential in accordance with the law;
  7. give you access to information we hold about you in accordance with the law;
  8. give you information on which you can rely;
  9. explain to you the decisions we make about your tax affairs and advise you of your rights;
  10. respect your right to seek information, lodge an objection, or make a complaint;  and
  11. be accountable for what we do.

Your obligations when dealing with us

We expect you to:

  1. be truthful in your dealings with us;
  2. keep records in accordance with the law;
  3. take reasonable care in preparing your tax documents and in keeping records;
  4. lodge required documents or information by the due date;
  5. pay your taxes and other amounts by the due date;
  6. comply with conditions relating to concessions and the First Home Owner Grant;  and
  7. be co-operative in your dealings with us.

Reviewing the charter

We will monitor the content of the charter to ensure it is relevant and effective in building our relationship with the community.  Staff and the public can contribute to this process and feedback on service quality is welcome.  Use our Online feedback form.