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  • 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 10:30am to 5:00pm Wednesday

Duties, Grants and Concessions

This section administers ACT tax laws and provides advice relating to the following:

  • Duty on Land and Improvement Purchases
  • Home Buyer Assistance Schemes
  • Land Rent Leases
  • Duty Deferral Applications on property purchases
  • Landholder Duty – Shares, Units and Interests
  • Duty on Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Administration of the Concessions Program
  • Refunds of duty
  • Lodging documents and service quality control
  • Circulars
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Duties, Grants and Concession

This section also administers and provides advice on the First Home Owners Grant

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First Home Owner Grant

Property, Payroll and Debt

Administers and maintains the following property based taxes:

  • General Rates
  • Land Tax
  • Land Rent Accounts
  • Duty Deferral Accounts
  • Ambulance Levy
  • City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy
  • Fire and Emergency Services Levy
  • Safer Families Levy
  • General Rates Assistance
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Property, Payroll and Debt

This section also administers and maintains the following returns taxes, including debt recovery:

  • Payroll Tax
  • Utilities (Network Facilities) Tax
  • Energy Industry Levy
  • Duty on Insurance
  • Debt Repayment and Management
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Debt Management and Return Taxes

Compliance, Investigations and Awareness

Maintains and enforces compliance with all ACT tax legislation.  For further information and the Compliance Program see Overview.

  • Inspections
  • Compliance Tip-Offs
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Compliance, Investigations and Awareness

Taxation Legislation, Reviews and Litigation

Provides advice on ACT tax legislation and prepares amendments to legislation. The Reviews and Litigation sub-unit deals with all objections for assessments and decisions and any subsequent merit review.

  • Objections
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Reviews and Litigation

  • Policy and Legislation
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Taxation Legislation

Systems and Finance

Provides financial reporting services and administration of the following:

  • Home Loan Portfolio, on behalf of the ACT Commissioner for Housing
  • Mortgage Relief
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Mortgage relief


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Web Manager

  • To contact the website administrator
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Web Manager

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Lease Variation Charge (Change of use charge)

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Change of Use Charge

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