Rates - Objecting to a decision

Newly—determined land value of your property

If you wish to obtain more information about the Valuation Notice stating the newly-determined land value of your property, you may apply in writing to the Commissioner within 28 days after the date of the Notice by post to PO Box 293, Civic Square ACT 2608 or by email select the topic 'Rates' on the Online feedback form.

If you as the owner of the property consider that the newly-determined unimproved land value is incorrect, you may lodge an objection to the new land value.  The objection must be to the new Rates Assessment as based on the new land value.

In this case, you must apply in writing to the Commissioner by post to PO Box 293 Civic Square ACT 2608 or by email select the topic 'Objections' on the Online feedback form within 60 days from the day after the date of service of the Notice to allow for reasonable delivery of the notice by ordinary post.  The application must state clearly your reasons for objecting.  You bear the burden of showing that your objection should be upheld.  The Commissioner cannot accept objections to an unimproved land valuation lodged out of time.

For Unit Title developments, the Owners Corporation can lodge an objection on behalf of individual unit owners as if the assessment was served on the Owners Corporation.  Individual unit owners cannot object to their rates assessment on the basis of dissatisfaction with the new unimproved land value of the unit plan.

If an objection is allowed, the unimproved land value is re-determined and the relevant assessment adjusted. 

Other decisions affecting property owners

A property owner (including a unit holder) may lodge an objection to other decisions as prescribed under section 70 of the Rates Act 2004.  These include decisions relating to interest charges on payments and the deferral of rates charges.

The liability to pay all charges as originally assessed continues notwithstanding the lodgment of an objection.  All unpaid charges will accrue interest.

For further information see Your rights

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