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Rates revenue

ACT property owners pay rates to provide funding for a wide range of municipal and other essential services to the ACT community.  Under the Rates Act 2004 "owner" includes the registered proprietor of a parcel of land, a mortgagee in possession or a person holding the parcel of land under a sublease from the Territory.

In the ACT, the municipal services provided include:

  • additions to and maintenance of main roads, bicycle paths and footpaths;
  • the establishment, maintenance and upkeep of recreational areas, swimming pools, public libraries, halls and community centres;  and
  • garbage and waste disposal services, stormwater drainage, street lighting and cleaning.

Other essential services include:

  • health and community care, education, policing, justice and community safety, public transport, environment and nature reserves, emergency services, sport and recreation, tourism, arts, land and planning.

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