Payroll tax compliance activities focus on identifying and contacting liable employers who have failed to register for payroll tax.  We also audit registered clients who appear to have understated their wages. 

Activities undertaken to ensure compliance with payroll tax legislation include: 

  • identify and investigate unregistered employers;
  • conduct field and desk audits with and on behalf of other jurisdictions;
  • verify that payroll tax is paid to the correct jurisdiction;
  • identify undeclared group structures;
  • follow up overdue monthly returns and/or annual reconciliations;  and
  • verify exemptions are correctly claimed (e.g. contractors, new apprentices, trainees, etc). 

We aim to complete our audits and investigations to the highest possible standard of integrity and with the least inconvenience to our clients. 

Information about the audit and investigation process, including your rights and obligations is available at tax investigations.

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