Safer Families Levy


The Safer Families Levy has been established to provide community support and to raise awareness of domestic violence in the ACT Community.  The ACT Government is committed to the prevention of family and domestic violence and taking action on the intolerance of this issue.

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their home and the ACT Government has introduced comprehensive new programs to stop family violence, this include more support for victims as well as additional resources for police and courts. Other programs include:

  • Improving outcomes for victims of domestic violence and their families.
  • Raising awareness and working with the wider community.
  • Integrated case management and coordination of services for victims of family violence.
  • Enhancing the quality assurance and improved decision making of child protection services.
  • Investment in translation and interpreting services in ACT courts and Tribunal and family violence specialist services.
  • Assist victims seeking to escape family violence with immediate expenses.
  • Improving legal services for victims of family violence.

From 1 July 2016, a dedicated Safer Families Levy of $30 will apply to every household in the ACT; this will go directly to funding these new programs.  This amount is detailed in your Rates Assessment Notice.