City centre marketing and improvements levy


The City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy (CCMIL) funds marketing and improvements in Canberra's City Centre.  The levy applies to all rateable commercial properties in the City and some selected areas of benefit in Braddon that are in close proximity to the City Centre.  The CCMIL is returned to the private sector through a grant.

Levy amount

The CCMIL in 2015-16 is imposed on rateable commercial properties within the prescribed collection area as follows:

Area A – Retail Core                    AUV  x  0.2992%

Area B – Non Retail Core              AUV  x  0.2161%


The amount imposed for the CCMIL for each liable property, together with the payment details, are included on your 2015-16 CCMIL Assessment Notice.  Annual CCMIL assessments are due to be paid in full by 15 August. 

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Note: the payment system for online forms has recently moved to Westpac. The look of the web pages presented when making a credit card payment has changed.

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